Who  is  Rex Heuermann?

The Suspect Arrested in Connection with the Gilgo Unsolved Serial Killings of Women Found Along a New York Beach Highway Identified as Rex Heuermann

The arrest of Heuermann, a 59-year-old architectural consultant from Manhattan 

After years of investigation into the case that perplexed authorities and the community alike. 

The Investigation Unfold

After years of stagnant progress, a joint law enforcement review in 2022 rekindled the investigation’s momentum. Attention was drawn to a Chevrolet Avalanche registered to Heuermann, a vehicle that had been under scrutiny since a witness tip during Costello’s disappearance. 

The subsequent inquiry revealed cellphone billing records aligning with cell site locations related to the victims, as well as a burner phone used for taunting calls to Melissa Barthelemy’s sister. Heuermann’s cellphone usage, American Express records, and the connection to an AOL account accessed by a burner phone further raised suspicions. 

Additional evidence, including the presence of hairs from another female on the victims, DNA matches on discarded bottles collected from Heuermann’s residence, and the discovery of a male hair on the burlap used to wrap one of the victims, culminated in the charges against Heuermann for the deaths of Barthelemy, Waterman, and Costello. 

Was Rex Heuermann well-known in his community? 

While some neighbors had brief interactions with Heuermann and his family over the years, they generally kept to themselves, leading to limited familiarity within the community.