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Kim Kardashian's Revealing Bedroom Confession


Unveiling Her Passionate Preferences and Surprising Secret

Kim Kardashian gets candid about her intimate preferences and surprises fans with her "lights off" approach in the bedroom. Discover her passionate revelations and uncover the intriguing secrets behind her sensual experiences. Read now for an exclusive glimpse into Kim's intimate world! 


Hailey was quick to confirm that she had had sex on a plane

Hailey asked Kim if she had a preference between “angry sex” 

Makeup sex, Kim admitted

Isn't that, like, the best? Because it's like you missed each other, and you're passionate and you are making up.

Kim asked who was the “most surprising person” Hailey had ever received a message from on Instagram

Hailey said, insisting that she “never” gets “sneaky” or “strange” messages on the Instagram  “even before” she was married to Justin Bieber.

Kim didn’t shy away from admitting that “a lot” of “inappropriate” people slide into her DMs. However didn’t name any names, although she did say that she chooses not to respond.

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