Drive to Survive on Netflix will face fierce competition from scripted Formula One TV series.

The organisation's first officially sanctioned scripted television series will feature Felicity Jones in a family drama series set in the high-stakes world of auto racing.

gears up for scripted Formula One TV series to give fierce competition to Netflix’s Drive to Survive

Felicity Jones

It also serves as Bedrock Entertainment's first significant series since its founding as a partnership between ITV Studios America, True Detective executive producer Dan Sackheim, and Band of Brothers producer To. Formula 1 has a producer on board. 

"It is an honour to be a part of this special and exciting partnership with Formula 1," added Jones.

An Academy Award-winning actress supports a film based on the F1 series.

Formula 1 is a colossally expensive endeavour, and filming it will require a huge financial commitment as well. And who else but British actress Felicity Jones will be raising money for the movie and acting in it?