DJ Khaled releases a video of a painful surfing accident

DJ Khaled is quite active on social media and has recently had great success in the music industry. The well-known DJ also enjoys posting videos of himself having a good time.

He was attempting to get up and properly surf it when the disaster occurred. Thousands of times have now reposted the video.

DJ Khaled Surfing Accident

Regarding the surfing incident, DJ Khaled posted on Instagram, "Recap of morning golf soon come, I tried playing today but had cut the game short I injured myself surfing yesterday."

They are often made of microfibers (synthetic fibers up to 60 times finer than human hair).

I reasoned that I could play through the discomfort. I'm getting a massage and calling the doctor to make sure I'm doing OK. But nothing will stop me from playing golf; I'll be back there tomorrow, hoping the discomfort will subside.

The supporters' wishes for his quick recovery dominated the comment area.


At the waterport, a user who appeared to be an expert commented, "Thank heavens you didn't strike the foil! You were trying to e-foil, which is much tougher than surfing! I hope you can resume your studies soon.