The First 80 Minutes of Netflix’s “The Perfect Find”: An Unexpected Twist in a Romantic Comedy

Netflix’s “The Perfect Find”: A Romantic Comedy with an Unexpected Twist

The first 80 minutes of Netflix’s “The Perfect Find” deliver an adorable romantic comedy experience. Based on Tia Williams’ 2016 self-published novel, the movie captures all the essential elements: playful banter, painful pining, and hot-as-hell kissing. However, just when you think you have it all figured out, a surprising twist unfolds, shifting the story into uncharted territory.

The Perfect Find

In “The Perfect Find,” the twist lies in the age gap between the two love interests. Jenna, played by Gabrielle Union, is a 40-year-old career-driven lady who unintentionally falls in love with Eric, Keith Powers’ character’s twenty-something son. Despite the age difference, both characters are consenting adults, and the on-screen chemistry between Union and Powers is undeniably electric. While certain aspects of the story might strain credibility, such as Jenna’s seemingly unchallenging job at a high-end fashion magazine, the overall charm of the romance prevails… until the unexpected ending.

The conclusion of “The Perfect Find” transcends the boundaries of a mere plot twist; it delivers a WTF, out-of-left-field moment that leaves viewers scratching their heads. Let’s delve into the details, but beware of spoilers!

The Perfect Find

In the unexpected climax, Jenna reveals that she is pregnant with Eric’s baby. It’s not a planned pregnancy, and Eric does not react well to the news. Here’s how it unfolds: After Jenna and Eric are caught having sex by Eric’s mom, who also happens to be Jenna’s boss, Jenna loses her job, and the couple breaks up. Months pass, and after the new year, Jenna reaches out to Eric, giving him the impression that she wants to reconnect. Little does he know, a startling revelation awaits him.

Jenna breaks the news by sliding an ultrasound image across the table, shocking Eric. Granted, he was blindsided, and being in his 20s, he is uncertain about his readiness for parenthood. Complicating matters, Jenna had known about the pregnancy for several months before informing Eric. She references a passing comment Eric made about not having the “parenting gene” during a naked conversation, a remark that was not emphasized at the time. Eric accuses Jenna of intentionally getting pregnant, further escalating the tension. He storms out of the restaurant, shattering the cute romantic comedy vibes established earlier. Suddenly, the movie veers into the realm of a Lifetime original soap opera, departing from the lighthearted love story it initially promised.

Nevertheless, Eric eventually has a change of heart after Jenna and his mother (played by Gina Torres) engage in a heart-to-heart conversation about motherhood. Promising to guide her son, Eric’s mother manages to convince him to reconsider

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