The Emmy Nominations 2023: Newcomers, Big-Budget Dramas, and Controversy

When it comes to the Emmy nominations, there are always questions swirling around about which newcomers will make a splash and how fierce the competition will be. Emmy voters have a tendency to hold onto certain shows, but they also enjoy honoring fresh and exciting content. This year, the nominations have the potential to shake things up with a mix of established favorites and new contenders. Let’s delve into the burning questions and see what the answers reveal.

Will Newcomers Rise in Popularity?

Emmy voters have a history of embracing new shows and recognizing their potential. This year, a few newcomers have generated significant buzz and are poised for recognition. Shows like “Poker Face,” “The Last of Us,” and, of course, “The Bear” have captured attention and are likely to benefit from the recency bias. “The Bear,” in particular, stands out with the widely acclaimed second season premiering during the Emmy voting period. These fresh faces have a chance to make a mark and see their stocks rise in the industry.

The Influence of Big-Budget Franchise Dramas

Traditionally, big-budget franchise dramas have garnered attention and accolades from Emmy voters. However, this year brings a shake-up in the drama category due to the absence of some previously nominated hits like “Ozark” and “Euphoria.” While shows such as “Rings of Power” and “House of the Dragon” may not have received as much audience and critical praise as their predecessors, there is still a possibility for them to find their place in a more open and competitive field. The question remains: Will voters care about these high-budget dramas?

Addressing Controversy

Some shows that initially appeared to be strong contenders for Emmy attention found themselves entangled in public relations crises following their release. “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” with its controversial title, faced criticism for exploiting a real-life nightmare. Similarly, “Beef” drew attention for hiring a cast member with a history of abhorrent remarks. These controversies raise the question of how voters will perceive these shows amidst the competing nominees. Will they overlook the controversies and focus solely on the artistic merits?

Revealing the Answers: Emmy Nominations Breakdown

After much anticipation, the Emmy nominations have been announced, shedding light on the favorites and new discoveries. The familiar shows that have consistently impressed Emmy voters, such as “Succession,” “The White Lotus,” and “Ted Lasso,” continue to dominate the awards race with their strong presence. Other beloved series like “Abbott Elementary,” “Better Call Saul,” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” have also received admiration from the voters.

Excitingly, the nominations showcase a healthy mix of fresh content as well. The feel-good comedy series “Jury Duty” managed to secure four nominations, including Outstanding Comedy Series. This recognition is noteworthy as it puts an ad-supported streaming platform like Amazon Freevee in direct competition with established industry giants. The streaming platforms Tubi and Roku Channel also received nods in other categories for their shows “The Nevers,” “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story,” and “Die Hart.”

“The Last of Us” emerges as the breakout rookie of the year, amassing 24 nominations, closely following the leading show “Succession.” This comes as no surprise, considering the exceptional performances delivered by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, as well as the show’s technical achievements in editing and makeup. Another newcomer, “The Bear,” secures 13 nominations for its debut season, with recognition for performances, editing, sound design, and casting.

The nominations also feature a plethora of first-time nominees, including industry veterans like Jessica Chastain (“George & Tammy”), Aubrey Plaza (“The White Lotus”), Daniel Radcliffe (“Weird: The Al Yankovic Story”), and Jason Segel (“Shrinking”). It’s heartening to see rising star Dominique Fishback, the standout performer in “Swarm,” receive a well-deserved nomination.


The Emmy nominations have brought both familiar favorites and exciting newcomers to the forefront. While established shows continue to reign supreme, fresh contenders have made their mark and captured the attention of Emmy voters. The competition promises to be intense, and only time will reveal the winners. Nevertheless, this year’s nominations showcase the dynamism and ever-evolving landscape of television.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are some of the newcomers that received Emmy nominations?

Several newcomers garnered Emmy nominations this year, including “Poker Face,” “The Last of Us,” and “The Bear.” These shows captured attention and are poised for recognition.

2. How did big-budget franchise dramas fare in the nominations?

Big-budget franchise dramas faced a more uncertain outcome this year, with shows like “Rings of Power” and “House of the Dragon” receiving relatively cool reception from audiences and critics. However, there is still a possibility for them to secure nominations in the more competitive landscape.

3. Did controversy impact the nominations?

Controversy surrounding certain shows, such as “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” and “Beef,” raised questions about their reception among Emmy voters. The impact of these controversies on the nominations remains to be seen.

4. Which shows dominated the nominations?

Shows like “Succession,” “The White Lotus,” and “Ted Lasso” retained their strong presence and received numerous nominations. Other admired series include “Abbott Elementary,” “Better Call Saul,” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.”

5. Are there any notable first-time nominees?

Yes, there are several notable first-time nominees, including Jessica Chastain, Aubrey Plaza, Daniel Radcliffe, and Jason Segel. Rising star Dominique Fishback also received a well-deserved nomination for her outstanding performance in “Swarm.”

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