Sukihana: The Controversial OnlyFans Video That Shook Social Media

Sukihana, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, has once again taken Twitter by storm with her latest OnlyFans video, causing a stir among social media users. This provocative content has gone viral on various platforms, leaving people both shocked and intrigued. Just a few weeks ago, Sukihana made headlines when a video of YK Osiris forcefully kissing her emerged, sparking outrage and demands for an apology. In this article, we will delve into the details of Sukihana’s latest NSFW video, explore the reactions it has garnered, and shed light on the rapper’s Twitter absence following the YK Osiris incident.

Sukihana's Viral OnlyFans Video

Sukihana’s Viral OnlyFans Video

On a fateful Tuesday, a video featuring Sukihana engaging in explicit activities and incorporating bodily fluids surfaced, quickly spreading like wildfire across social media. Although it is believed to have originated from her OnlyFans page, the exact source remains unknown. The controversial footage showcases Sukihana pleasuring herself manually until reaching climax. The inclusion of bodily fluids has repulsed some Twitter users, leading them to threaten abandoning the platform altogether. Nevertheless, others have come to the rapper’s defense, highlighting the diverse reactions to her explicit content.

Sukihana’s Twitter Trends

Despite her absence from the social media platform, Sukihana continues to dominate Twitter’s trending topics. The rapper opted to take a break from Twitter after the YK Osiris incident, resulting in a hiatus from the platform. However, her viral OnlyFans video has propelled her back into the spotlight. Users are incessantly sharing the explicit video, prompting a meme fest among the online community. The shock factor and controversy surrounding Sukihana have undoubtedly contributed to the buzz and attention she is currently receiving.

Reactions from Fans

Social media platforms have become the breeding ground for various reactions to Sukihana’s explicit content. One Twitter user expressed their displeasure, stating, “I’m heading to threads. Because why y’all sharing that Sukihana video this early like people ain’t having breakfast.” The explicit nature of the video caught many off guard, leaving them disgusted, as another user shared, “That Sukihana video is putrid and truly disgusting, WHILE I WAS EATING??”Some admirers, on the other hand, have taken a different perspective, pointing out Sukihana’s ongoing presence and influence even since her success. One user pointed out, “Sukihana BEEN the same since she first popped on the scene and nobody said a word. Now she’s trending every other day.”


Sukihana’s OnlyFans video has once again thrust her into the limelight, generating both shock and intrigue among social media users. The explicit nature of the content, along with its viral spread, has fueled discussions and reactions across various platforms. Despite her absence from Twitter, Sukihana’s influence remains undeniable, leaving a lasting impact on the online community.


Q: What is the main reason Sukihana is currently trending on Twitter?

A: Sukihana’s trending status on Twitter is attributed to the release of her explicit OnlyFans video, which has gone viral across multiple social media platforms.

Q: Did Sukihana face backlash for her NSFW video?

A: Yes, Sukihana’s video received mixed reactions, with some Twitter users expressing their disgust and threatening to leave the platform, while others defended the rapper.

Q: Why did Sukihana take a break from Twitter?

A: Sukihana decided to take a break from Twitter following the incident involving YK Osiris, where a video of him forcefully kissing her caused public outcry and demands for an apology.

Q: How has Sukihana’s viral video affected social media users?

A: The video has sparked intense discussions and debates among social media users, with some finding it shocking and others becoming engaged in meme creation and sharing.

Q: What is the lasting impact of Sukihana’s presence on social media?

A: Sukihana’s consistent presence on social media has solidified her influence and sparked regular discussions about her, making her a trending topic on various platforms.

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