Migration: An Animated Adventure Unveiled by Illumination


Illumination, the renowned animation studio, has recently unveiled an exciting trailer for its upcoming animated family film, Migration. The film centers around a beloved duck family, The Mallards, who embark on an extraordinary adventure after leaving their familiar New England pond behind for a Caribbean vacation.

A Family in Search of Thrills

The Mallard family finds themselves at a crossroads when mom Pam, eager to introduce her children, teen son Dax and duckling daughter Gwen, to the wonders of the world, convinces dad Mack to embark on a family trip. Their journey takes them through the vibrant streets of New York City before heading towards the tropical paradise of Jamaica.

Unforeseen Obstacles and Unexpected Friendships

What was initially planned as a smooth and exciting journey quickly turns into a series of unexpected events. The Mallards’ well-laid plans go awry as they encounter various challenges along the way. However, they soon realize that the key to overcoming these obstacles lies not only within their family but also with the new friends they meet on their journey.

A Stellar Voice Cast

Migration boasts an exceptional voice cast that brings the Mallard family and their friends to life. Kumail Nanjiani takes on the role of Mack, the anxious and caring Mallard father, while Elizabeth Banks lends her voice to Pam, the daring and quick-witted matriarch. Casper Jenning portrays Dax, the confident and restless son, in a remarkable performance, and Tresi Gazal makes her feature film debut as Gwen, the innocent and lovable daughter.

Joining the Mallard family on their adventure are Awkwafina, Carol Kane, Keegan-Michael Key, David Mitchell, and Danny DeVito, adding their talents to the stellar voice cast. The film is directed by Benjamin Renner, with the screenplay penned by Mike White. Illumination’s founder and CEO, Chris Meledandri, takes on the role of producer.

Get Ready for Migration

Movie enthusiasts of all ages can look forward to the release of Migration, a heartwarming and thrilling animated adventure. Immerse yourself in the stunning animation, captivating storyline, and unforgettable characters as the Mallards discover the power of friendship and the limitless possibilities that lie beyond their New England pond.

Migration will hit theaters just in time for the holiday season on December 22. So mark your calendars and prepare for an extraordinary cinematic experience that will leave you inspired and uplifted. Watch the Migration trailer below.

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