Tune In and Gear Up: Your Complete Guide to Watching the Cubs vs. Cardinals Game on June 25!

Cubs vs. Cardinals

The Cubs vs. Cardinals are set to face off in an exciting matchup at London Stadium on Sunday, June 25, 2023. This highly anticipated game will kick off at 10:10 AM ET and promises to showcase some exceptional talent, with players like Nico Hoerner from the Cubs and Nolan Arenado from the Cardinals expected to make a significant impact at the plate.

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Cubs vs. Cardinals TV channel, live stream, and match information

For those unable to attend the game in person, ESPN will be broadcasting the Cubs vs. Cardinals matchup live. Watch the action live from the comfort of your own home by tuning in. The game will take place at London Stadium, located in the beautiful city of London, United Kingdom.

If you prefer to stream the game online, Fubo provides a convenient live streaming option. Simply visit their platform and enjoy the game from anywhere. Remember, this game is not to be missed!

Cubs vs. Cardinals Prediction

As both teams take the field, it’s challenging to predict the exact outcome of the game. The Cubs and Cardinals are both formidable opponents with a history of delivering exciting matchups. This game has the potential to be a close contest, showcasing the exceptional skills of both teams.

Cubs vs. Cardinals

Cubs Batting & Pitching Performance

The Cubs have displayed solid performance in terms of both batting and pitching. Currently, they rank 18th in MLB play with 85 home runs, averaging 1.1 per game. Their .402 slugging percentage places them at 16th in the league, while their .248 batting average ranks 16th in MLB.

In terms of offense, the Cubs hold the 12th spot, scoring an average of 4.6 runs per game (347 total runs). Their .329 on-base percentage is among the top eight in baseball. On the pitching side, the Cubs’ staff records an average of 9.1 strikeouts per game, ranking 22nd in the majors. With a team ERA of 3.90, they hold the 10th spot among all MLB pitching staffs. Furthermore, their combined WHIP of 1.257 ranks them at No. 8 in the league.

Cardinals Batting & Pitching Performance

The Cardinals have shown impressive performance in the season so far, particularly in terms of batting. They have hit a total of 105 home runs, placing them sixth in the league. Their .423 team slugging percentage ranks them ninth in the majors, while their team batting average of .249 positions them at 16th in MLB. When it comes to scoring runs, the Cardinals have averaged 4.8 runs per game (366 total runs), placing them 10th in the league. Their .322 on-base percentage ranks them among the top 10 teams in baseball.

On the pitching front, the Cardinals’ staff has been solid as well. They have recorded an average of 8.6 strikeouts per game, putting them at 12th in the majors. With a team ERA of 3.75, they hold the 13th spot among all MLB pitching staffs. Their combined WHIP of 1.277 ranks them at No. 14 in the league.

Key Players to Watch

Nico Hoerner, the talented infielder for the Chicago Cubs, has been making waves with his impressive performance this season. He has showcased his skills both at the plate and in the field, making him a key player to watch in this matchup. With a batting average of .289, 7 home runs, and 34 RBIs, Hoerner has been a consistent contributor to the Cubs’ offense.

For the St. Louis Cardinals, Nolan Arenado has been a force to be reckoned with. The star third baseman has been a pillar of strength for the team, displaying excellent hitting abilities and stellar defensive play. With a batting average of .282, 16 home runs, and 54 RBIs, Arenado has been a standout performer for the Cardinals this season.

Both Hoerner and Arenado will play crucial roles in their respective teams’ success in this Sunday showdown. Their contributions on both offense and defense will be essential in determining the outcome of the game.

London Stadium: The Perfect Venue

London Stadium provides a unique and exciting backdrop for this MLB matchup. Known for hosting various sporting events, including the 2012 Summer Olympics, the stadium offers a one-of-a-kind experience for baseball fans in the United Kingdom. Its spacious grounds and state-of-the-art facilities create an ideal setting for this high-profile game.

Fans attending the game at London Stadium can expect a thrilling atmosphere as they witness two of the league’s historic teams go head-to-head. The Cubs and Cardinals rivalry adds an extra level of intensity to the matchup, making it a must-see event for baseball enthusiasts.

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