Bangkok’s Burger King Introduces Outrageously Cheesy “Real Cheeseburger”

Burger King Introduces Outrageously Cheesy "Real Cheeseburger

Bangkok, Thailand – Burger King is causing quite a sensation among Thai food enthusiasts with its latest creation: a mouthwatering burger that boasts an extraordinary amount of cheese. Aptly named the “real cheeseburger,” this innovative offering has taken the city by storm.

The Thai operator of the popular fast food chain unveiled the real cheeseburger on Sunday, surprising customers with its unique twist. Priced at an enticing 109 Thai baht ($3.1), significantly lower than the usual cost of 380 baht ($10.9), this cheesy masterpiece has captured the attention of cheese lovers and social media users across the nation.

Word of the extraordinary burger spread like wildfire on popular platforms such as TikTok, where users eagerly shared their experiences through entertaining videos. Burger King itself embraced the excitement, declaring on social media, “This is no joke. This is for real.”

In response to the overwhelming demand, one Burger King branch in Bangkok had to temporarily halt delivery orders to ensure they had enough stock available for walk-in customers. The sight of people flocking to try the real cheeseburger was nothing short of impressive.

Im Jeepetch, a 25-year-old IT engineer, couldn’t resist the allure of the cheesy sensation after seeing it online. Despite her love for cheese, she admitted that the real cheeseburger was a tad overwhelming. “I could only finish half of it,” she confessed, wiping her mouth with a tissue. “This is an insane amount of cheese added into one burger. Food is good when things are in the right combination.”

Im mentioned that she might not order the cheese-packed treat again in the future. “Other burgers are already good. I think I will go back to my usual choice—the double cheese angus.”

Echoing a similar sentiment, Alisa Chuengviroj, a 26-year-old entrepreneur who sells skincare products online, found the cheeseburger to be “too intense.” While she ventured to the store after witnessing the buzz on social media, Alisa concluded, “I like a few slices of cheese in my burger, but not this much.”

This recent addition to the menu reflects a larger trend among fast food franchises worldwide, as they strive to captivate customers by offering unique and attention-grabbing items destined to spread like wildfire on social media platforms. In the United States, Burger King has successfully doubled down on the Whopper, a flame-grilled signature beef burger, utilizing a catchy commercial jingle that became a sensation on TikTok.

Notably, restaurants are continually tailoring their offerings to suit local tastes in various countries. In Thailand, where cheese enjoys immense popularity among young customers, it is not uncommon to find the dairy product sprinkled on a wide range of dishes. In response to this culinary inclination, Burger King’s menu in the country includes salmon katsu burgers, catering to the demand for healthier alternatives to beef.

Minor International, the local hospitality group that owns Burger King in Thailand, is among Asia’s largest restaurant owners. Additionally managing outlets for renowned brands such as Dairy Queen and Benihana, the company has yet to respond to CNN’s multiple inquiries for comments on the real cheeseburger.

The real cheeseburger has not only tantalized taste buds but has also elevated the fast food experience to new heights. As Bangkok embraces this outlandishly cheesy creation, Burger King’s bold and innovative menu item promises to leave an indelible mark on the culinary landscape of Thailand.

A Culinary Sensation with an Excessive Cheese Filling

Bangkok, Thailand – Burger King, the popular fast food chain, is causing a stir in Thailand with its latest offering, the “real cheeseburger.” This extraordinary creation, filled with an astonishing amount of American cheese, has become the talk of the town since its launch. With an irresistible price and a buzz generated on social media, the real cheeseburger has quickly gained popularity, leaving customers both astounded and satiated.

Overwhelming Demand and Mixed Reactions

The introduction of the real cheeseburger has triggered a surge of interest among Thai consumers, resulting in overwhelming demand. Social media platforms, particularly TikTok, have been flooded with videos of eager individuals sharing their experiences with this cheese-packed delicacy. Burger King itself has joined the conversation, affirming the authenticity and uniqueness of its latest creation.

The response has been so overwhelming that a Burger King branch in Bangkok had to temporarily suspend delivery orders to ensure sufficient stock for walk-in customers. The sight of patrons flocking to savor the real cheeseburger has been nothing short of remarkable.

However, amidst the excitement, some customers found the real cheeseburger to be a bit excessive. Im Jeepetch, an IT engineer, expressed her love for cheese but admitted that the burger pushed the limits. Alisa Chuengviroj, an entrepreneur, echoed this sentiment, preferring a more balanced cheese-to-burger ratio. Despite these mixed reactions, the real cheeseburger has successfully created a buzz and left a lasting impression.

Riding the Wave of Social Media and Local Preferences

The real cheeseburger’s launch is part of a global trend among fast food franchises, where unique and eye-catching menu options aim to gain traction through social media. Burger King in the United States, for instance, has found success with the Whopper, a flame-grilled signature beef burger, largely due to a catchy commercial jingle that went viral on TikTok.

Adapting to local tastes, Burger King in Thailand incorporates cheese into various dishes, catering to the country’s young customers who have a fondness for the dairy product. In addition to the real cheeseburger, the menu features salmon katsu burgers, providing a healthier alternative to beef.

Owned by Minor International, one of Asia’s largest restaurant owners, Burger King in Thailand remains tight-lipped about the real cheeseburger’s reception and impact. As the frenzy continues, this cheesy sensation is set to redefine fast food experiences and leave a lasting mark on the culinary landscape of Bangkok.


With its “real cheeseburger,” Burger King has revolutionized fast food in Bangkok, Thailand. The overwhelming demand and mixed reactions from customers demonstrate the power of social media and the pursuit of unique culinary experiences. As Burger King continues to cater to local tastes and create buzzworthy menu options, its bold creations are reshaping the fast food landscape in Thailand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the “real cheeseburger” offered by Burger King in Bangkok? The “real cheeseburger” is an innovative creation by Burger King in Bangkok, Thailand. It features a bun filled with an exceptional amount of American cheese, offering a unique and indulgent culinary experience.
  2. How much does the “real cheeseburger” cost? The “real cheeseburger” is currently priced at 109 Thai baht ($3.1) in Bangkok. This reduced price has made it even more enticing for customers to try this cheesy delight.
  3. Why has the “real cheeseburger” gained attention on social media? The “real cheeseburger” has become a sensation on social media platforms, particularly TikTok, due to its novelty and excessive cheese filling. Many users have shared their experiences through entertaining videos, generating significant buzz and curiosity among food enthusiasts.
  4. Are there any mixed reactions to the “real cheeseburger”? Yes, there have been mixed reactions from customers who have tried the “real cheeseburger.” While some have praised its unique concept and enjoyed the cheesiness, others have found it to be too overwhelming. Taste preferences may vary, and individual opinions on the burger’s cheese-to-burger ratio differ.
  5. Will the “real cheeseburger” be a permanent addition to Burger King’s menu? At the moment, it is unclear whether the “real cheeseburger” will remain a permanent item on Burger King’s menu in Bangkok. Further announcements or updates from Burger King or its parent company, Minor International, may provide clarification on its future availability.
  6. Does Burger King offer other menu options tailored to local tastes in Thailand? Yes, Burger King in Thailand caters to local preferences by incorporating cheese into various dishes. Additionally, their menu includes salmon katsu burgers, providing a healthier alternative to beef. These adaptations reflect Burger King’s efforts to suit the tastes and preferences of Thai customers.
  7. Who owns Burger King in Thailand? Burger King in Thailand is owned by Minor International, a prominent hospitality group and one of Asia’s largest restaurant owners. In addition to Burger King, Minor International also operates outlets for other renowned brands such as Dairy Queen and Benihana.
  8. Has Burger King responded to the overwhelming demand for the “real cheeseburger”? As of now, Burger King has not provided an official response regarding the overwhelming demand for the “real cheeseburger” in Bangkok. Despite multiple calls from media outlets, including CNN, the company has remained silent on the matter.
  9. Can I find the “real cheeseburger” at Burger King locations outside of Bangkok? The availability of the “real cheeseburger” outside of Bangkok may vary. It is recommended to check with individual Burger King locations or official announcements to determine if this particular menu item is available elsewhere.
  10. Is the “real cheeseburger” suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions or specific preferences? As the “real cheeseburger” is a cheese-centric offering, it may not be suitable for individuals with lactose intolerance or those who prefer lighter options. Burger King offers a range of other menu items that cater to different dietary preferences, and customers are encouraged to explore those alternatives.

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